Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Removing the heat exchanger zinc

I have a Beta Marine 38 HP diesel motor. I removed the heat exchanger zinc and found out that it was worn down to the nub! Not good, because that means there may be galvanic damage to the heat exchanger.

I plan to remove and clean the heat exchanger, have the injectors cleaned, and do pressure and compression tests on the engine but I don't think it is necessary to rebuild the engine -- at least not this year. She ran fine when I bought the boat, no issues, so other than standard maintenance (change oil and transmission fluid, and replace the water pump impeller) I don't think much more work will be necessary on the engine.

The only real problem with the motor is that the built-in oil change pump had been hanging in the bilge so there's a bit of rust around the pump handle which I am going to address later. Not a priority now. I bought some extra zincs for now and extra oil filters, air filters, etc. I will also be replacing the fuel filter with the Racor dual-filter arrangement (with the metal heat deflectors as required by the ABYC).

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