Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Boatyard wildlife and racoon-feeding

I have had an on-going battle with racoons that regularly raid my food stash. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! I swear if they weren't so cute, they'd be a coat and hat by now...

We also have lots of lizards, and also spiders -- big ones! The black widows are cool, with their fat glossy abdomens with the red hour glass mark, but the wolf spiders are really cook because they're about 2 inches, hairy and fast (and harmless)

There are also lots of other creepy-crawlies around: GIANT cockroaches, grasshoppers, velvet ants, lots of fire ants (whose bites leave itchy red welts) plus the no-see'ums that force me to stop working in the late afternoon (neem oil does a good job driving them away but a few manage to get their bites in, leaving very itchy and persistent welts)

I am looking for a Golden Orb Weaver spider as a pet but this Mable Orchard Orb Weaver that was in my work tent was also quite interesting (Leucauge argyrobapta - "dipped in silver")

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