Thursday, June 15, 2017


There was a rapidly-growing spider living right over the settee in my boat, that would come out in the evenings, weave little tufts of silk and toss them down on me. Not sure what that was all about but she's gone now.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Back when I first got her, she was blue and named "Moonflower"(ick) my own mother says, "Which one is the shark?"
Hurricane Matthew survivor. 3 days of prep for about knee-high surges.
Blown gasket, thankfully close to shore

Courses at MPT

2-year-old photos from STCW, AEC and Tender Operator certification courses at Maritime Professional Training in Ft Lauderdale (Turn down volume before you click on video)

My marine fire-fighting course. It was 90 degrees with 90% humidity, and tis was heavy gear to wear

Fire Attack Group Alpha
MCA Approved Engine Course Certificate

Ocean survival course

So sexy in my exposure suit - They call it a Gumby suit.

Would NOT want to do this in real life

"So. this bit is extra?"

Exploring the mysteries of the marine alternator in class

Tender operator license course, with Sophia (technical dive instructor from Mexico)

Repairing the mast compression post base

mast compression post base had been sitting on top of a nasty, wet block of rotted wood and had literally disintegrated. I never found the two bolts that were supposed to keep it in place.

Yuk. 40 years of neglect.
The old rotten wood block under the mast compression post

Block of solid oak, courtesy of my friend Jeff at JamRacks

Much better

Choosing vinyl headliner material

I was picking vinyl headliner material but I really couldn't find quality stuff. The usual headliner material used in boats has an awful gray foam backing, and this foam inevitably dries up into dust that gets everywhere. But thanks to a fellow boater's recommendation, I found material from France which is top-notch, thick and durable, with felt backing: TOBAGO by Berengier. Highly recommended. Holds up well. I got 10 meters for 250 Euros plus postage

Siren (formerly Firefly)

I rescued a little Melody-class sailing pram. It won't fit on my boat deck but I tow it along for fun in bays and harbors. It was originally bright yellow but needed a paint job so I went with bright red (found a cheapo can of good paint).  She used to be called Firefly but now that she's bright red, she's Siren 

I used it to get "the hang" of painting fiberglass with 2-part paint before starting the paint job on my sailboat (not nearly as easy as painting a house)

It isn't a great paint job, you can see the lines if you know where to look... more like a learning experience.

Melody-class (see the musical note symbol on sail)

painting starts
Sanded, filed and primed

Bright red paint -- new name; Siren

Bahamas photos

Some more photos I found that survived The Great Dunking Incident

Even with her old blue paint, she's prettier than all the new boats

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Learning sailing knots

Around Key West I think. Don't really remember details of this

July 2015. Those old Barient winches are long gone.
My sailboat sewing machine, from 1910, rock solid and weighs like an anchor.

Draft Logo?


Sailboat Archeology

Found this note on the back of a drawer: "Glued 5/73"

Curse of the mummy!

About a year before. Mom's funky 70's hat.

Lets see now, in 1973 I was attending school in Gstaad or had just moved to be with my Dad at Michigan State U.  Weird to think what a long and complicated series of events brought me and my boat together now!

The  plywood has dried up a bit but glue is holding up well considering the heat and humidity. 

In the elder days of art
Builders wrought with greatest care
Each minute and unseen part,
For the Gods are everywhere
 - Longfellow


Friday, June 9, 2017

Catching up wth old posts!

Guys I'm trying to catch-up with everything from 2 years ago so be patient! I have to find all the photos...many were lost when the someone dunked the laptop. If you have any send 'em over!