Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Siren (formerly Firefly)

I rescued a little Melody-class sailing pram. It won't fit on my boat deck but I tow it along for fun in bays and harbors. It was originally bright yellow but needed a paint job so I went with bright red (found a cheapo can of good paint).  She used to be called Firefly but now that she's bright red, she's Siren 

I used it to get "the hang" of painting fiberglass with 2-part paint before starting the paint job on my sailboat (not nearly as easy as painting a house)

It isn't a great paint job, you can see the lines if you know where to look... more like a learning experience.

Melody-class (see the musical note symbol on sail)

painting starts
Sanded, filed and primed

Bright red paint -- new name; Siren

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