Thursday, September 12, 2019

Giant bow cleats

Living through a few hurricanes, I've learned to get the biggest, strongest bow cleats I can get. These are 12" long, solid bronze. For some reason no bolt-holes have been drilled in their feet. I think I'll go with 5/16th stainless steel bolts, and with appropriately-sized 1/4" G10 laminate backing plates.

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian was a near-miss for us in St. Augustine, Fla. However that didn't mean I still didn't have to pack up everything and prep the boat for a hurricane.

The workshop came down, all the tools and supplies are now in storage units, but I kept a fridge and electric kettle under the boat. All of that took quite a bit of time but having prepped for hurricanes twice already, it was all old hat. I'm not resetting-up the work shed because I have to move this boat in a couple of months anyway

Dorian brought us a few inches of flooding in the yard. Irma and Matthew each brought about 2 feet of flooding, in comparison. I stayed onboard through Irma and Matthew but this time, due to the cats, I decided to go to a hotel. Having air conditioning for a few days was nice.

I feel awful for the folks in the Bahamas however. Those places weren't 20 feet above sea level, not sure how anyone can survive once the surge alone is over 20 feet. The whole place would have been underwater. I think we're going to need new charts too.