Friday, April 13, 2018

Youtube Channels I follow

I've met the most incredible and diverse group of people in the cruising life. On my down-times, I try to keep up with some friends and acquaintances via their social media including the following Youtube channels that I check regularly:

Guirec and his pet chicken, spent a year in Greenland!

Pete and Kourtney the Accidental Sailor Girl are in a nearby marina

Capt. Liz Clark and Amelia her kitty (RIP kitty!)

And of course Sail Life

Leo, a British sailor who is rebuilding a 19th century wooden ketch in Oregon

The Geordie and his Wench aboard the Sea Witch

Saturday, January 27, 2018


Just a quick update: I've been working to pay off bills and buy some more cool boat gear including 1/2" lines and blocks to lead all the lines back to the cockpit, flexible water tank bladders, and I've been reading David Burch's book on marine weather which I highly recommend. I may be back to the boat in a couple of months. Stay tuned . . .