Tuesday, December 25, 2018

New workshop shed for boatbuilding

I bought another portable canopy/tent, about 10 feet by 20 feet, as my workshop. My previous workshop was also built using the same portable canopy brand but I shared the space with my friends in the yard, and I generally didn't like the feng shui of the interior arrangement, so I decided to improve on that.

This time for example, the floor is not bare ground that flooded easily; I built it on wooden palettes covered with plywood and a tarp. I also arranged my tools and supplies better this time around, and I got another portable 10x10ft collapsible canopy to use as an exterior workspace, protected from the rain. The shelves are built out of planks on milk crates -- much like in my college days.

I also have my "kitchen" in the tent including the fridge and the electrical stove. Previously the kitchen arrangement was divided between the tent and the boat interior, which made cooking anything a bit of a hassle. After I get my tools and supplies out of storage and arrange them properly, my first project will be to build some stairs to climb up to the boat. No more ladder!
Gotta sort through and arrange the tools

Workshop tent, showing the floor made by palettes

Arranging everything inside the workshop...

Painting supplies

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