Sunday, April 9, 2017

Random photos

"We don't really need this thingy, I hope..."

Some boats have been on the hard for far too long
My Sasha dreaming of mahi-mahi and flying fish

Training on how to upright a life raft. to put out a fire...

how to survive in open water

...and how to enjoy lunch.

Pulling the impeller.

New base plate welded onto compression post

Taking apart the head to get to the compression post base

Looking for gremlins, Approved Engine Course at MPT 2016

RYA Powerboat Tender Operator Course

Sailboat archeology

My toy, Firefly (now Siren, repainted red)

New compression post base, later discarded in favor of G10 block

Chainplates look good

Overnight fishing, St Augustine

Ft. Lauderdale, 2016

Down to gelcoat

This tool was a lifesaver

My giant pdf, used on oil rigs

Half Moon Bay, California
Maas my neighbor who is a great mentor and teacher on boatbuilding

New internal teak handrails, at shoulder-level

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